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EHS Outsourcing

EHS Project Management  is one of the smartest things an organization can do these days. It’s a fast growing trend, and for good reason: It just makes good sense. It will save your company time and  money almost immediately.LIC0025LO1Competent-Organisation-Certificate

Perhaps most importantly it will allow your company to give greater attention to other matters without exception. EHS Outsourcing provides all kind of business the opportunity to their core competencies, without compromising their commitment to environmental, health and safety concerns.

The burden of EHS compliance is one best shared with a qualified consultant. When you hiring  positiveSAFETY you will be hiring a team of experts. Each member  usually has their own area of expertise and as a group they work cohesively to accomplish your company’s EHS goals and objectives. They can even help your company establish these goals and objectives in the first place. Then, they will assist you in initiating appropriate, results driven directives which will lead to success.

Why EHS Project Management ?

Here the primary reasons you should consider EHS outsourcing.

EHS Project Management  will allow your company to:

  • Save time
  • Save Money
  • Increase efficiency
  • Maintain a safer working environment
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Reduce the risk of liability & litigation
  • Our Safety Professionals can help your organization achieve a much safer and healthier work environment. They could serve your organization as WSHO / Associate WSH Manager / WSH Advisor / WSH coordinator / WSH Supervisor as required by your organization.

Provision of:

  • Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO)
  • Environmental Control Officer (ECO)
  • Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Coordinator
  • Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Supervisor
  • Fire Safety Manager
  • Lifting Supervisor
  • Scaffold Supervisor
  • Rigger cum Signalman
  • Noise Monitoring Officer
  • Accident Investigator
  • Confined Space Safety Assessor
  • Other Safety Personnel

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We now Offer Safety Leadership training
We now Offer Safety Mentor Training
We now Offer OHSAS 18001/SS506 Training
We now Offer ISO 9001: 2008 Training
We now Offer ISO 14001: 2004 Training
We now Offer Root Cause Analysis Training
We now Offer STOP WORK AUTHORITY Training
We now Offer SAFETY OBSERVATION Training
We now Offer CUSTOMISED SAFETY Training