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Delivering Safety Culture Change Using the HSE culture Improvement Tools (

What is Building Positive Cultural  Safety ?

Building Positive Cultural  Safety is a toolkit intended to help organisations to improve their HSE performance by:

  1. Empowering  individuals  to recognise their  Personal Hazards to eliminate  the high  risk at the workplace due to their unsafe act
  2. Empowering  individuals to recognise the Physical Hazard at the workplace  to eliminate  the high risk  due to  unsafe conditions.
  3. Empowering  individuals to recognise the Process  Hazards  to eliminate the risk by complying to the company’s risk management process
  4. Empowering  individuals to do  Action, Intervention, Closure, for all hazards
  5. Empowering  individuals  to know the WSH rules to live by
  6. Establishing WSH Positive Performance Key Performance indicators to build a positive Safety Culture
  7. Tracking everyone’s  Positive KPI monthly and linking their WSH  Positive KPI’s with their Annual Performance Appraisal
  8.  Providing the process and tools to get everyone involved and to facilitate behavioural change –the necessary components of a solution.
  9. Building  Positive  Cultural SAFETY
  10. Achieving Sustainable Safety Performance by positiveSAFETY.

The Building Positive Cultural  Safety create a truly proactive and generative approach to HSE management.

Bespoke in-house courses

Bespoke courses can be tailored to the needs of your own organisation and held at your premises:

Cost (per course for up to 20 delegates):TBA

  • The training will focus on the specific cultural issues of the organisation
  • Participants will be able to discuss their ideas with the facilitators.
  • The training will focus on the most relevant Building Positive Cultural Safety   tools for the organisation
  • Participants will agree a bespoke plan for implementing cultural change in the organisation.


To make a booking or for any questions please contact the positiveSAFETY  training team:

t:  +6792297; e:

or visit:


Building Positive Cultural Safety  - Bespoke in-house courses

Venue This Course will be conducted @ Client’s Premises
Frequency As and when need arises
Course Duration 16 hours
Schedule 2 Weekdays
Max. Class Size 20 Pax
Objectives: By the end of this course you will:

  • Have an understanding of culture programme theory, planning and implementation
  • Have an appreciation of   Safety Leadership   ‘ethos’, and be able to lead Everyone leading  Safety  workshops in your own organisation.
  • Be able to produce a bespoke plan for implementing cultural change in your organisation.
Target Audience: Anyone with responsibility for leading or facilitating safety culture development and change. This may include health and safety managers, senior operational leaders, trainers, safety champions, as well as those interested in learning more about designing a cultural change programme.
Course Outline: Facilitated by Building Positive Cultural Safety  toolkit developer, the course will:

  • Teach the fundamentals of safety culture change, focusing on the various stages of  a culture change programme, from design to implementation and review.
  • Provide an overview of the positive Safety  toolkit and allow delegates to get to grips with facilitating a selection of positive  Safety  cultural building tools.
  • Delegates will also have the opportunity to design a bespoke culture change plan, either hypothetical or for implementation in their own organisations.


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